Career / Machine learning Engineer

Machine learning Engineer (remote job)

starting from 1600 Usd

Duties and Responsibilities

  • development of software (search service) based on Amazon CloudSearch, Google Search Cloud or Sphinxsearch/ElasticSearch/Solr, or any other search engine which would ensure search relevance on website and on corporate web-portal with account of customer preferences
  • development of infrastructure for back end

Required Competencies

  • experience in С++ or Java, proficiency in PHP7+ and other WEB technologies would be an advantage
  • advanced operation in Linux and console
  • fair knowledge of MongoDB and mySQL, development philosophy of API
  • experience in the application of Deep Neural Networks would be an asset
  • experience in search engine development and setup is a must

We Propose

  • challenging tasks, advanced technologies for remote work, open and innovative business processes and corporate communications
  • career advancement opportunities and fair remuneration
  • paid team retreats in Italy for high performance

Salary — starting from EUR 1300

The final decision is taken based on the overall evaluation of questionnaire, case study and remote interview (via chat)

We thank all the applicants for submitting the completed questionnaires. However, due to the heavy workload, we will only respond to successful job applicants (within 7 days).
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