Career / Purchasing Specialist with English, Italian or Spanish

Purchasing Specialist with English, Italian or Spanish (remote job)

starting from EUR 1000

Top-ranked by Google when it comes to tile-related search queries and catering to the market materials from the leading Italian and Spanish brands, we stand out among other ceramic tile vendors. Willing to boost our business and increase the turnover, we invite a buyer to join our team.

If you are good at thinking many moves ahead and predicting the results, smart at figures, have an intermediate level of English (at least B1), experienced in purchasing / international commerce, have taste for aesthetics and business sense, and have already evaluated all the benefits of smart working, our cooperation may be mutually advantageous.

Key goals of a buyer:

  • communicate with our current suppliers (ceramic tile manufacturers) and potential partners, request product catalogs, tile images, samples, prices (we will tutor you on how to find and evaluate new manufacturers);
  • add tile collections into our database to make them available on the website, monitor the accuracy and relevance of the posted information;
  • accurately process orders in 1C using the partially computerized algorithms (receiving proforma invoices, invoices, order confirmation). This is routine work, but our development team keeps enhancing the process to substitute manual operations with that performed by a robot;
  • employing your experience, knowledge, logic, and common sense, resolve the occasional customer claims (defective goods, different product grades, tiles from different batches or of different calibers, etc.);
  • hit the realistic profit targets which will show the quality and efficiency of the buyer’s work, as a minimum, and significantly exceed them (and get a bonus), as a maximum.

Our logistics, customer service, 1С, and website development teams will be always ready to assist you.

Other advantages:

  • smart working from around the world using the dedicated technologies and online platforms, 10:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m. (Moscow), from Monday to Friday
  • stable income in Euro
  • real-life communication during team retreats in Italy
  • challenging internal transitions within the company, and the opportunity to manage a specific project you are keen on (of course, if you have the potential)

You will never feel bored and sometimes even can’t stop laughing …. while working in our team

Job overview:

  • you will have nothing to do with sales in the classic sense. Your key responsibility is to ensure that the brands you manage bring profit to the company. There are two communication channels we basically use: orders and various questions are discussed in emails, negotiations on the cooperation terms and maintaining friendly relations - by phone (at the company’s expense).
  • Criteria to evaluate the performance of a brand manager:
  1. Meeting the profit targets
  2. Quality and quantity of the collections in the company portfolio (quality of images, accuracy of specifications, information relevance, timely release of the new arrivals on the website).
  3. Correct and quick management of the order-related documents (thorough checking of the proforma invoices issued by the manufacturers prior to forward them for payment, timely receipt of the documents from the manufacturers).
  • Your bonus is calculated as 10% of the net profit above the target.
  • The performance targets for the probation period (3 months) are discussed with the immediate supervisor during the job interview or after it.
  • We have a brand manager training course you have to go through yourself. An experienced colleague will be always ready to assist and answer your questions.
  • Direct communication with customers is ensured by our customer service team, and thus, is beyond your responsibility.

We thank all the applicants for submitting the completed questionnaires. However, due to the heavy workload, we will only respond to successful job applicants (within 7 days).
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