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Project without Parallel Tile.Expert is an eCommerce which caters “Made in Italy” tiles to customers across the EU and USA. Tile selection, order payment and tracking are performed online without any assistance of Customer Support. Another advantage we offer is a huge choice of Italian and Spanish tiles. Expanding portfolio and growing our business, we never stop on what we have already achieved.

Alongside with our main project of online tile store, we develop Remote.Team, a working and task management platform for remote teams

We stand out from other employers owing to the rapid growth, advanced technologies, minimum of corporate bureaucracy, and opportunity to work from home involved in any of our projects

We are a multinational Russian-speaking team scattered all over the globe — from Italy to Australia. The majority of the staff live in Russia and Ukraine.

What Makes Us Different

Remote Job
No Matter Where You Are, if You Are the Best

With more than 7 years of experience in remote interaction, we use our corporate portal https://remote.team as a workplace and powerful engine for communication and problem solving.

Annual Meetings in Italy

During team retreats, business trips and industry exhibitions.

Multinational Team
Overall, our team is comprised of 100 professionals living in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Australia.

Но все общаемся на русском языке.


Remote Jobs

Design and Development
Commercial Dept
Failed to find an open position of your dream?
Active and knowledgeable professionals are always more that welcome in our team. Please send us your CV. Once there is any position which corresponds to your talents and experience, we will get in touch with you!
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Recruitment Policy
Employment Formalization

In our team, we welcome and value every qualified professional. Recruitment and selection are rigorous, from dozens of applicants. Thus the volume of negative feedback on the web is also high.

Hopefully, a man of wisdom would not be embarrassed. Seeking a partner is not a matter of hours, and neither of the parts involved gives any guarantees.

We set little on the applicants' CVs and overlook their formal education.

Employment Formalization

Our employees are legally remunerated based on a service provision agreement signed between us. Registered as individual entrepreneurs, our employees receive comprehensive assistance of our accounting officers and legal advisers.

The salary includes all taxes and contributions.


Please feel free to forward your questions regarding employment: